__________ WELCOME!

About me: My name is Incantator. I was born on 08/29/1962 in Plauen in the beautiful Vogtland (Saxony), still live here and work in a medium-sized enterprises in production.

The supernatural I was actually always been fascinated, but I am working so actively only since the 1989/90, since one of those earlier books in the former East Germany could not reach the Internet and there were at that time still not the end.

In the beginning it was mainly me about issues such as near-death experience, past lives, hypnosis, commuting, etc. Later I began then for herbs, aromatherapy and the Tarot to care. Well, now they were joined by some other things, including the magic mirror and working with the crystal ball.

As I was anxious or is that other people have, the interest in magic will benefit from the old knowledge, I had the idea to create an Internet forum, taking place in the online classroom. And so I started on 30 July 2007, the magic school steering, I would just like to briefly introduce here. The Magic School steering Witches and Pagans can exchange and learn from each other. There is an education, where online classes on various topics such as Magic, numerology, herbalism, etc. take place.

The curriculum is constantly expanding. Other courses are in preparation. Just take a non-binding on us over. Our team would be pleased. To participate in the class may have to register in the forum, which is free of charge. In the education sector can be found then the Secretariat, where you can enroll in the appropriate class or in the appropriate course.

Of course you can also sign up in the forum if you do not want to actively participate in class.

Outside of the classroom there are many interesting topics, such as herbalism, astrology, rituals, witchcraft, precious stones / healing stones, astral travel, shamanic journeys, lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, the annual festivals, the four elements, myths, supernatural experiences, afterlife, entities (gods, goddesses, fairies and other nature spirits, demons, etc.), Divinationssysteme (Tarot, runes, pendulums, etc.), Reiki, incense and much more.

If you have questions I am always at your disposal. How can you contact to contact me you can learn the imprint.

Your Incantator